For Retailers: 

Working closely with our brands, the following are key services  which we offer to retailers to enable them to focus on their business and driving sales whilst ensuring strong customer satisfaction: 

  •  Induction and training of retail staff on all brand partner products
  •  3PL warehousing and delivery services to allow independent stores to remain nimble and free from unnecessary overheads and logistics concerns
  •  Marketing, PR and brand development support across the spectrum of print and digital promoting their association with the brand
  •  Event  and trade fair planning and support where appropriate
  •  Social media marketing support

For Partner Brands:

In addition to the above support provided to retailers, the following are notable additional facets of how we work: 

  •  Approach brand building in a ‘holistic manner’ such that the focus is on the big picture of building the brand and not the immediate incoming ‘dollar’
  •  Complete transparency and regular updates in the form of press-kits, sales and new account updates and product feedback
  •  Full 3 -5 year GCC wide business plans and projections agreed in collusion with our partner brands