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It All Began With a Mom, a Need and an Idea . . .

In 1994, fed-up with the lack of suitable baby shoes that had both easy on and stay on power, Sandra Wilson decided enough was enough; she would handcraft her own baby shoes for her son Robert. Not just any kind of shoe though, but a leather shoe specifically built with a soft-sole, which would provide the support and flexibility needed for her growing baby’s feet.

With that, Robeez [Rob-eez], (a playful spin on Robert’s name) was born and became an essential brand for tiny toes that growing babies need and parents love.

The Robeez Mission

At Robeez, they desire to help growing families around the world by developing playful and practical baby products that enhance the experiences of early childhood and capture the magic of life’s everyday moments.

Robeez’s Vision

To become the world’s essential brand for baby footwear and accessories by creating products that families need which are inspired by its principles and passion.

Elevated Design

Since its handcrafted beginnings they have been committed to providing families with the best possible products for babies of all developmental stages. Robeez builds for everyday, using the highest quality materials and designs. Giving your baby a style that’s functional and fashionable.

Creating Happiness

Through carefully crafted designs and the power of positive messaging Robeez wants to make every baby comfortable and every parent smile.


They know that parenting is a mixture of emotional milestones, so they aspire to embolden people throughout the journey of starting families. They want to celebrate milestones, create memories and develop a dialogue that’s authentic, supportive, and honest.

Social Responsibility

They want to be good stewards of the world. From recycled packaging, to environmentally friendly collections, Robeez continually seeks ways to improve its designs and construction processes.